Salina Diocese Cursillo

The Salina Diocese Cursillo,

Part of a Worldwide Movement

Within the Catholic Church


The Cursillo movement operates within the Catholic church, but is not an organization of the Catholic church.  Cursillo strives to make us better Catholics and share the blessings we have received.

All members of the Catholic church are in the first stage of the movement, it is called pre-Cursillo.  Everyone in this phase is learning about the Catholic faith and although they may not know it, are moving toward the second phase of the movement.


The second phase of the Cursillo is called the "weekend".  During a full three days, attendees learn about the faith, and how to bring it into their environments. 


The final stage of Cursillo is called "The Fourth Day".  The Fourth Day starts when the weekend ends and continues the rest of your life.  During this time, frequent interaction with other Cursillo members encourages us to practice what we learn during the weekend.  We work in service to all those around us, doing all we can to bring others to a fuller relationship with Jesus Christ.

Cursillo began in Spain.  Early in the movement, after attending a weekend, the attendees were traveling home when their bus broke down.   It was a wonderful spring day when all the spring flowers were in bloom.  They started joyfully singing a Spanish folk song called "De Colores" which is about the springtime colors and the joy they bring.  The song became the anthem of the movement, and members of the movement readily understand the greeting "De Colores".